Creative Cassels is the trade name under which I offer design and build services to individual clients, communities, social enterprises and charitable organisations. I can offer my services individually or as a whole package, whatever your project requires. I work closely with numerous professionals, from graphic design, to skilled trades, to natural building material producers. 

I place importance on natural and sustainable building materials and encourage traditional building skills and crafts while exploring new products and techniques of building. I'm involved in all aspects of the design and build process, co-ordinating and managing to produce an efficient, cost effective and high quality end result for my clients. I work sustainability in to my projects wherever I can and was delighted to serve as the Vice Chair for The Scottish Ecological Design Association for the last 2 years.

I believe in the added value of training and teaching, and to this end I aim to encourage unskilled or semi-skilled individuals or groups into getting their hands dirty and learning on the job. If you wish to work with me on a volunteer led project, I have the tools and experience to work with you to bring that project to fruition.


“My passion is working with volunteers and unskilled workers which has given me a drive to make building more attainable to the every (wo)man and I use a lot of my time and resources into making this happen. I prefer to work with natural building materials, and aim to build low impact buildings wherever possible.” - Kirsty Cassels

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