These are my Young Professionals Guide to Starting Twitter Rules : Rule #1 : Start tweeting. People will follow you if you have something to say.

Rule #2 : Follow people in your industry. Hopefully they’ll follow you back. Engage with them, thank them for following you.

Rule #3 : If they tweet something interesting, comment on it or re-tweet (RT) to your followers.

Rule #4 : Don’t go straight for the big guns. You want to follow people you’d actually meet and connect with in real life.

Rule #5 : Follow similar people, young professionals with a similar job description. You can interact and learn from each other.

Rule #6 : Tweet about your job (views are your own) but keep it professional. The actual day-to-day tasks and observations are far more entertaining and interesting that the official company tweets.

Rule #7 : Remember at all times, everything is public, keep it professional (albeit with your own personal touch) respect each other, be as politically correct as you can be - everyone is entitled to their own opinion but ranting strongly about a hot topic may lose you followers and respect.

Rule #8 : Try not to tweet your friends too often, and keep it simple. We don’t want to know when and where you’re meeting for the cinema next Tuesday.

Rule #9 : Get your company to start you off, for example a quick tweet from @WestFM “Our morning travel presenter Frenchie is now on twitter, follow him @Frenchieonair”

Rule #10 : Join in on #FridayFollows. Every friday you suggest to your followers people worth following. Always try and give a reason as to why you would want to follow them, for example “#FF for interesting links and great musical suggestions follow @Frenchieonair” Use this link as a good guide to Friday Follow rules.

Rule #11 : Give it time. 6 months on and you’ll have learned the ropes, made some excellent contacts and friends and hopefully gained a few hundred followers.

I hope this has been of use. Go forth and jump into the world of twitter, happy tweeting!