Came across this rant against air-conditioning that I wrote while in Miami last year. Thought I'd share it with you. This is the final straw.

I've fallen out with air-conditioning.

I was never air-conditioning's biggest fan. I really think that buildings can be designed correctly so that air-conditioning isn't required. Obviously for bigger spaces that are intended for use by many people or by a particular activity, such as a cinema, leisure complex or shopping centre, then it makes sense to use it and I think that's what it was invented for, but to use it in residential spaces with only a handful of people living there makes no sense.

It's unhealthy, it's not natural and it just spreads germs. Ultimately if you live in a building that has so many units that requires it to be designed with air conditioning then you haven't chosen the best lifestyle have you? Ironically, those who can afford an air-conditioned unit in many hotter climates are considered the ones with a better lifestyle.

But I just think this is backwards.

I am currently in Miami and managed to contract tonsillitis from the flight over here (air-conditioning on planes - it always happens to me) and then I'm staying in an apartment where it is normal to keep the temperature at around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. That's between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius. It's 30 outside!!

So I have indulged my cold and my tonsillitis is getting worse instead of better. Feeling a chill in my bones and stepping outside onto the balcony to make me feel better, how backwards is that!?

These units should be designed so that the wind which is pretty strong and consistent coming right off the North Atlantic Coast can be filtered up and through the building, perhaps being cooled indoors and used as a breeze to cool the apartments to a similar temperature.