How environmentally friendly are these Building Expo’s?

As one of the last people to leave the Scotland Build expo in March this year, I was both impressed and shocked at how easily the stands went down, traders packed up, and then the ‘cleaning’ team came to dismantle the booths, rip up the carpet, remove the tape and clear the entire hanger. It was amazing.

But it got me thinking…how many times are these expo’s on, and for every single different one there’s another team in to manage and set-up and put down new carpet, and create new stands…it’s not very environmentally friendly - or even particularly economically friendly. Would it not be better to design a really good fixed expo hangar with the same size stands and open areas and room for ‘decoration’ but that worked really well for numerous functions and various industries?

That might be very naive of me, and I’m sure there are events managers wiling to tell me why that would be a logistical and maintenance nightmare, but the waste at these events is astounding - carpet, for over 5000sqm of floor, for three days?! Tape, lighting, not to mention the leaflets, name tags, tickets and food and drink containers actually used on the stands. It’s astounding. And in the case of ‘environmentally conscious’ showcases, it’s completely against your fundamental values and principles.

Surely there’s a better way to host so many of these events?