Building Together.

Building Together designs and builds sustainable buildings for local communities and organisations across the UK. They do this by teaching and training the people of the local community to work with sustainable building materials and methods of construction.

They are a Community Interest Company whose profits go into promoting and developing the connection between communities and their immediate environment while encouraging awareness, respect and protection of the wider natural environment.



The CIC needed a logo that was friendly, welcoming but professional. There were multiple imagery they wanted to include, such as people, buildings and the environment. Their branding and marketing strategy required being replicated across multiple social media platforms, their website, and e-newsletters. They also required stationary and drawing templates, business cards, and booklets. It was a full branding exercise with a large amount of content creation.


Logo Design

The main logo and the different available colour combinations.


I used a lot of stock photos initially - creative commons licence - until the company can create a bank of its own images.
There was a lot of content to co-ordinate and categorise, but I hope the result is easy to navigate and succinct. There will be further pages to add in the future, including events/courses/workshops and a guest articles page.



Social media content and marketing materials.