With over ten years in the design and construction industry, I have the contacts and connections to provide suitable solutions for your environmental requirements. Whether you wish to overhaul your lifestyle, create a beautiful permaculture garden, grow your own food, or build with natural building materials, I can ensure a creative solution that will enhance your life, bring health and nature to the forefront of your organisation, or even teach a class in best practice techniques.


Refurbishment & Retrofit

New Build & Extensions

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I place the environment at the core of everything that I do. Of course, no-one is perfect but in trying to make ourselves more environmentally aware, as an individual, business, family or community we can begin to create healthier and more enjoyable lifestyles and working conditions.

I studied Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment at the Centre for Alternative Technology, Graduate School of The Environment and have a BArch and DipArch.

Contact me for an Initial consultation quote. My fee is dependant on size of project or advice and deducted from the final bill if contracted to do any further works.




With over ten years experience in the architecture and construction industry I can design, plan and organise your refurbishment or retrofit. From the planning drawings, building control and engineers drawings package to organising the right builders for the job.

Not everyone has the advantage of building their own eco home from scratch, but there are many solutions for retrofitting and refurbishing your home to make it work for you in a more energy efficient, spacious and natural way.

There are many products, methods and solutions to providing sustainable, efficient and long term solutions to any building, whether domestic or commercial. I work primarily with natural and ecologically sound materials and their installation to ensure they are used in a way that compliments the existing building fabric and prevents any additional problems.



I have a track record of designing spacious, light homes and dynamic interesting commercial buildings for various clients at different design practices. You can visit my DESIGN page to see a small selection of my previous work.

When building new, it is vital to look at the ecological impact of the building, where it sits in the site, where the materials are sourced and how they might enhance the site, designing for eventual deconstruction and re-use rather than use materials that are detrimental to the earth and the use of fossil fuels.

I have many contacts, colleagues and friends in the Natural Building sector and there are a range of options to suit every projects; from the hands-on straw bale buildings, to the off-the-shelf products commercially available. Whether it's a self build or contractor built, I can advise, programe and source the right team to do the job.



I work closely with several landscape designers, gardeners and permaculture experts, not to mention bee keepers, natural pool designers, and waste management providers. I am a firm believer that the garden doesn't stop at the threshold of the building. We lack a connection to the outdoors, so the outdoors should be brought to us. Projects that allow the inside to encroach on the outside and vice versa are perfect for re-engaging with nature.

Do you want to turn your garden area into something that works for you and the land?

Do you want your organisation or community to arrange classes on permaculture or bee keeping, or run a foraging course?

Do you want your company to introduce greenery in your office?

Get in touch and I'll help you in finding the best practice, organisation or expert to help you with your specific needs.



Want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but just don't know where to start? I offer a one hour consultation that gives a quick and brief introduction to how to get started, including pointers on best places to shop, best products to buy - or make for yourself - and direct you to a wealth of information that can help sort out the mind boggling world that can be trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you're looking to enhance your mental wellbeing, I work closely with Massage Therapist, councillors and lifestyle coaches that can kick start your new life, or give you that extra encouragement you need to change your life and the life of those around you. It has been proven that the intent to live more sustainably increases our environmental behaviours for the better - so get in touch today if you want to start improving your carbon footprint.

The best thing to remember when trying to lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle is not to beat yourself up about it. We can all get bogged down in whether we're eating the right things, buying the right things or living the right way - there is no right way! Just baby steps towards feeling you're leading an environmentally conscious lifestyle, that reduces your impact on the planet.



I’d accumulated half a dozen small household maintenance jobs that were beyond my competence as a DIYer to tackle and had previously drawn a blank in getting a tradesman willing to take the work on. What a find then, to come across Creative Cassels – there really is “no job too small” for them! From initial visit to tidying up after themselves, Kirsty and David couldn’t have been more professional or helpful - they always came when arranged, fitted around what else I needed to be doing, and tackled the variety of jobs to be done creatively and competently. I’m certainly going to keep their number handy.
— Catherine | Ayr, South Ayrshire
After struggling to figure out where to go with the renovations on my living room and hallway I gave Kirsty a call to get some direction. She quickly got round to organising workmen to arrive and start the work in the order it needed to be and even got involved herself! Absolutely brilliant help overall and managed to keep everything in budget too, would definitely recommend to anyone!
— Chris | Troon, South Ayrshire
I enjoyed working with Kirsty. She quickly helped us find an innovative, ecological solution to refurbishment and insulation of an old, damp property, which won’t be as expensive or intrusive as alternatives we had considered.
— Sarah | Northland, Bath