Jill Korn Writer. 

Jill is an author, podcaster and writer. After a life-long love of theatre, film and radio, Jill has changed direction and is now living her dream, working for a master’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow.

Jill approached me to create her a blog and website for her work and somewhere to pull everything together. She was aiming to produce an audio drama as part of a podcast series, and her coursework. What started as a simple blog, blossomed into a full blown website, with audio hosting and several ares of uploaded writing. What we produced is a lovely website, that showcases her personality and the work that she produces in a bright, energetic and memorable way. Her peers are envious of the result - always a good sign!

Jill lives in Ayrshire with a patient husband, an indolent cat, and the voices in her head – the latter coming in handy for crafting her dramatic characters.



With a logo and only one colour to start, the brief was to create an inspiring website to store and host the ongoing written and audio projects of the client. With no technological know-how and no branding or marketing in place, the project included the full works; social media, website editing and content training.

The website had to embody the personality of its author and bring to life the written and spoken word. It was a challenge to produce a visual representation of these non-visual elements, but with a series of holding pages, and a strict branding and marketing strategy for any content uploaded we were able to produce a coherent and strong branding strategy that is flexible and has growth built in.