Lagg Distillery.

Absolutely delighted with the Lagg Distillery. The end result is absolutely breathtaking. I was so lucky to get a private tour for my family and friends when we visited this summer. The finishes are wonderful, credit to all involved, and the interior design is just fabulous. It was such a wonderful project to be involved in, and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone that was a part of it. The team at Denham/Benn poured their heart and soul, and several staff members into this project from start to finish. It was built by BHC Ltd who have done a wonderful job on site. The interiors were designed by Paula at Bright and it was project managed by Gordon of GRD, with Quantum Solutions as the QS. There were so many more involved in the project and I’m sure they’re all proud of what they’ve achieved. They’ve left Arran with an iconic building and a true #legendinthemaking

The tour itself is a magical winding route through the building, telling the stories of the history of the South End of the island, the illicit distilling and the geography and history of the island. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this project, and I am so very pleased with the finished result!



I was involved from the concept and feasibility stage through to developed design. We ran a public consultation workshop and created a series of interactive games, books and models for the public to engage with. I assisted with some of the technical design, but our dedicated technical team moved on the project, and administered it to completion.

This was probably the biggest project I’ve designed that has been built and finished, and the result is surreal and breathtaking. The clients are pioneering, imaginative and forward thinking, and I’m proud to have been part of providing them with a building that represents these values and provides them with a flexible space in which to push their brand forward. A true ‘Legend in the Making’.

My grandparents are very proud that I’ve made my mark on the Isle of Arran where they met. It’s a special place, and it continues to prosper.