Tog Studio.

Tog Studio help people build. They are a team of architects and engineers who design built projects that can be constructed by anyone regardless of prior experience or skill. This empowers self-builders, students and marginalised members of society by providing a unique on-site learning experience and results in the delivery of projects which might not otherwise be viable in today's economic climate.

Tog Studio was conceived by a team of Scottish architects and engineers to address the gaps they believe are missing from conventional education in the construction sector.  Tog Studio believe in the value of teaching practical aspects of building through active collaboration on real construction projects in beautiful locations.



I arrived for Tog Studio 2014, straight off the plane from Sierra Leone and up to the Isle of Tiree, it was lovely to be surrounded by like minded individuals and be building with people who knew what they were doing. It was extremely well organised and being labourer with no management requirement was just what I needed.

Since then I've been involved in every Tog Studio build as volunteer labour, with a paid summer internship in the Roots Design office and on site with a local contractor in 2015. The difference in working for a local contractor was eye opening and confirmed for me that the industry needs to change, leading to the direction of my DipArch essay; The Role of the Architect.


All photos courtesy of Tog Studio, and by Sebb Hathaway.

Many photos courtesy of Tog Studio, Roots Design and Sebb Hathaway.



An account of Tog Studio from 2013, the first boathouse built on Tiree.