Denham / Benn.

DENHAM / BENN is an architectural design studio based in Ayr, Scotland. With projects across the West Coast of Scotland, Denham / Benn grew from just four staff to ten over a period of four years, and are now one of the leading design studios in Ayrshire. With them from the small startup studio to the thriving outfit they've become, it was a pleasure to work with Denham / Benn and be a part of their growing success. It was a truly wonderful experience, and a chance to really push and exercise my design skills. They like to stretch the boundaries and do things differently, and I was right at home with this mindset. We had aligned values of creativity, enthusiasm and approachability and this ensured an excellent working relationship that excelled in supporting clients with high quality bespoke architectural solutions across the domestic, residential and commercial sectors.


Portfolio of Work

I worked with the team at DENHAM / BENN to produce contemporary high quality designs and to push them in a sustainable direction, thinking to the future aiming for better performing buildings, specifying less harmful materials, thinking about the lifespan of products used, designing for longevity and looking at the wider environmental impact of their designs. 

The opportunity to design large commercial buildings, and bespoke residential homes, was a huge opportunity and a portfolio of work to be proud of.



These images are all copyright of Denham / Benn who have courteously allowed me to display them on my website.